Is Samsung SideSync discontinued?

Samsung's SideSync app will now be replaced with Samsung Flow . SideSync will continue to work for existing users on most devices prior to the S8, but the app will no longer be available for download.

Is Samsung Flow discontinued?

As TizenHelp points out, instead of SideSync, Samsung now recommends Galaxy smartphone users to download Samsung Flow, an app that does exactly what the soon to be discontinued SideSync app does. .

Where is Samsung SideSync?

SideSync allows screens, windows, and data to be shared easily between a PC and Samsung Android Device. From the home screen tap the Samsung Folder. Note: If SideSync is not yet installed, go to Apps > Play Store , then Search for and Install SideSync. Tap the SideSync icon.

Is SideSync only for Samsung?

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SideSync Requirements.

For Mobile Devices
Category Description
OS Smartphone : Android KitKat(4.4) or higher Tablet : Android Lollipop(5.0) or higher SideSync may not work in some device models. SideSync is not available for the Galaxy S9 and S9+

Where do I find Samsung flow on my phone?

Tap More options (three vertical dots) > Settings > Manage notifications . Step 3. Tap the switch next to the apps you want Samsung Flow to receive notifications from. Note: If the notification is not from a messenger app, you will need to pick up your phone to open or interact with it.

Is SideSync the same as Samsung flow?

Samsung SideSync and Samsung Flow

Samsung's SideSync app will now be replaced with Samsung Flow .

Is Samsung flow any good?

If you frequently move files between your devices or switch from your smartphone to your tablet/PC, Samsung Flow is an excellent tool to keep everything connected, organized, and accessible .

What happened Samsung Sync?

By Mihai M. Samsung is officially shutting down SideSync. Signs of this happening first emerged in October last year when SideSync was replaced with Samsung Flow on the Galaxy S9 series.