What are the chances of a hernia become strangulated?

After 3 months the cumulative probability of strangulation for inguinal hernias was 2.8 per cent , rising to 4.5 per cent after 2 years. For femoral hernias the cumulative probability of strangulation was 22 per cent at 3 months and 45 per cent at 21 months.

What percentage of hernias become strangulated?

The most serious complication of a hernia is strangulation, which occurs in approximately 1–3% of groin hernias .

Which hernia has highest risk of strangulation?

The rate of intestinal resec- tion due to strangulation and necrosis was found significantly higher among femoral hernias as compared to the other types of hernia (p 0.005 and p 0.001, respectively).

How do you know if your hernia is strangulated?

What are the symptoms of a strangulated hernia?

  • acute pain that comes on suddenly and may get more severe.
  • bloody stools.
  • constipation.
  • darkening or reddening of the skin over the hernia.
  • fatigue.
  • fever.
  • inability to pass gas.
  • inflammation or tenderness around the hernia.

How long does it take for a hernia to become strangulated?

If this condition is left untreated longer than 6 hours , incarcerated hernia can cut off blood flow to part of the intestine, resulting in strangulated hernia.

Are strangulated hernias rare?

A strangulated epigastric hernia is very rare and is associated with significant morbidity and mortalit

Which hernia is prone to strangulation?

Femoral hernias are at high risk of strangulation due to the narrow femoral canal and femoral ring. This can lead to symptoms of obstruction or strangulation requiring emergency surgery and possible bowel resection. To our knowledge, there is only one previous published report of bilateral strangulated femoral hernia.

Which type of hernia has the highest incarceration risk?

Femoral hernias should always be repaired as they have a high risk of incarceration. The risk of complication is increased in incarcerated, strangulated and recurrent hernias.

Which hernia is most likely to incarcerated and strangulated?

Femoral Hernias

A weakness in the lower groin allows an intestinal sac to drop into the femoral canal, a space near the femoral vein that carries blood from the leg. These hernias are more prone than inguinal hernias to develop incarceration or strangulation as an early complication.

How common is inguinal hernia strangulation?

It is estimated that 75% of all hernias occur in the inguinal region. The most serious complication of a hernia is strangulation, which occurs in approximately 1–3% of groin hernias .

How do you know if your hernia is strangulated?

Signs and symptoms of a strangulated hernia include:

  1. Nausea, vomiting or both.
  2. Fever.
  3. Sudden pain that quickly intensifies.
  4. A hernia bulge that turns red, purple or dark.
  5. Inability to move your bowels or pass gas.

How long can I wait with a hernia?

Many people are able to delay surgery for months or even years . And some people may never need surgery for a small hernia. If the hernia is small and you don't have any symptoms, or if the symptoms don't bother you much, you and your doctor may simply continue to watch for symptoms to occur.