What is a description text?

WHAT IS A DESCRIPTIVE TEXT? A descriptive text usually focuses on describing a single location, object, event, person, or place . It endeavors to engage all five of the reader's senses to evoke the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feel of the text's subject.

What is description text example?

Descriptive writing creates an impression in the reader's mind of an event, a place, a person, or thing. ... Descriptive writing will bring words to life and makes the text interesting. Some examples of descriptive text include: The sunset filled the entire sky with the deep color of rubies, setting the clouds ablaze.

How do you write a description text?

7 Tips for Writing Descriptive Sentences

  1. Cut out obvious descriptions. ...
  2. Use surprising words. ...
  3. Remember sensory details. ...
  4. Make use of figurative language. ...
  5. Think about who is doing the describing. ...
  6. Be wary of over-description. ...
  7. Read good examples of descriptive writing.

What is an example of a descriptive?

Descriptive is defined as giving details or something that describes. An example of descriptive is someone giving a very detailed account of an experience they had; a descriptive person .

What are the types of description text and what is it about?

There are five types of descriptive text namely, describing process, describing an event, describing personality, describing object and describing place . Describing a process is not only to explain how something is accomplished, but also to explain on why it is done and what is needed to complete the process.

How is descriptive text written?

In descriptive writing, the author does not just tell the reader what was seen, felt, tested, smelled, or heard. Rather, the author describes something from their own experience and, through careful choice of words and phrasing, makes it seem real . Descriptive writing is vivid, colorful, and detailed.